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Birthday Gifts

What are unique Birthday Gifts?

A birthday is an occasion that holds a special place in everyone's life - whether it is our own or that of a loved one. Naturally, these have to be special, thoughtful and unique to suit the taste of the person to be gifted. Everybody likes to receive something new and different on this day, as presents. Gifting a unique gift is a great idea and makes the whole act unforgettable for both giver and receiver. It is thus important to the mundane, off-the-shelf gifts and try to gift something unique to one's friends or loved ones on their birthday.

Birthday Gifts Unique

What are Customised Birthday gifts?

Many people want to give something truly unique and different to their loved ones. In this case, they get a customised gift specially made to order. These may range from a pen stand, mobile stand, diary, wall clock, nameplate, photo frame, etc. but what is important here is that they are all made to suit the likes of the recipient and thus, special in their own way.

Customised Birthday Gifts

Types of Birthday gifts

One can give anything on this day - a pen, a mobile stand, CDs, diaries, books, wall clock, murals to home décor items, etc. Depending on the recipient's age, profession and personal tastes and your budget, a personalised birthday gift can also be made. If the person is a professional, a functional one like pen stand or mobile stand or a desktop item with the person's name person etched on it - is ideal. You may give a lady something for her home, like home décor artifacts, handicrafts or something for her kitchen. For children, one may like to offer books, pens, clocks or wrist watches or clothes. However, there are many novelties also in store - one may give name plates for their room or house, wall clocks with personalized star sign or a mural with a motivational quote or a picture frame with the person's name etched on.

Personalised Children Birthday Gifts

Price range of these gifts

These need not be expensive but still could be made very special. It can be different and unusual and if it is made to order, one can always mix and match elements to match the budget.

Presentation of these gifts

As important as the choice of a birthday gift is the presentation value of it. How it is packed and presented is very important. When you take extra effort to package and present this, it doubles the joy of the receiver. One can be innovative in packaging and try new materials to wrap the gift like handmade paper, jute, satin cloth, cane baskets or anything that's a bit different ! One can also add ornamentations like colourful ribbons, bells, trinkets, mini hand-made cards and other attractive accessories to add life to the whole occasion.

Birthday Return Gifts

What are Birthday Return Gifts?

These are given to guests at a party as return gifts from the host.

Price range of these gifts

These can be of any price range depending on the budget and the item chosen to give. Usually smart, innovative and budget friendly items are selected as return gifts.

Birthday Return Gift Ideas

Return Gift Ideas

One can give something very innovative as a birthday return gift. For example, if the occasion is a theme party, then an extension or character from that theme - say a beach theme or a mermaid theme, can be the theme of your return gift too. One can choose from items like mugs, bags or attractive containers and have the cartoon character printed on the same. One can even gift personalised gifts as return gifts to invitees like gift bags, clocks or containers with individual names written on them.