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Birthday Return Gifts

Why Birthday Return Gifts are given?

A return gift is a very important element in a birthday party. The concept of distributing return gifts for your childís birthday party is to thank the guests for attending the party. It is a gesture of showing that you appreciate your guestís presence in the party for giving their blessings and good wishes to your child. It also makes the receiver feel important. Children feel very happy to receive the birthday return present. By giving these special return gifts, the birthday party becomes memorable to the kid as well as to the family and friends. Itís a token of thanks and remembrance. The hosts want their guests to remember what a good party it was, and a birthday return gift keeps on reminding that each time one looks at it. Therefore people generally pay a lot of importance to the return gift while selecting one for their party.

Birthday Return Gifts

What are the options for such gifts?

Everybody wants to give a unique return gift which would be useable by the receiver. There are numerous options for return gifts for kidís birthday party. It includes very basic and reasonable options like pens, pencils, pen stands, decorative erasers, sharpeners, smiley balls, fully loaded pencil boxes, lunch box, etc. For parents, one can give personalized photo frames and personalized photo T-shirts as return gifts for birthday party. These gifts are unique and are appreciated by everybody. Theme based birthday return gifts are high in demand these days. Gifts can be customized and personalized as per the theme of the party. These may include coffee mugs, T-shirts, writing pads, personalized bags, bath towels, photo clocks, photo frames; children name plates, key holders, book marks, toys, chocolates, books etc. People generally prefer non perishable items which are usable and are not mundane run of the mill items.

Unique Birthday Return Gift

Quality of such Party Return Gifts

Quality always matters over quantity. No matter how small your budget is, never compromise on the quality of the present. Be innovative in the selection of the gift, rather than choosing a mundane cheap ready made product. You can even make some customized small add on by yourself to enhance some ready available gift or toy. You can even get some ready available items customized by the vendor itself with the names of the children to make them feel special. Every child loves to see their name printed or etched on the gift they receive. A small gesture to make a huge impact. No matter what you choose, always make sure that these gifts are of a standard quality and are long lasting.

Customized Birthday Return Gift

Unique birthday return gift ideas

Exclusive and unique return gifts are always appreciated and cherished. Now a days you do get some unique gifts like Kite Shaped Bag, personalized Photo Cushions and quilts Personalised Celebrity Photo Prints, Photo Puzzles, kidís name handkerchief and bath towels, and what not, you name it and its there. Always pay emphasis on giving something which is not seen before and different.

Birthday Return Gift Ideas

Price of Birthday Return Gifts

Depending on your budget, gifts are available in the market. You may get mundane gift kits for kids in the price range of Rs. 25/- to Rs. 50/- Good quality kits are also available starting from Rs. 75/- onwards. Customized and Personalized birthday gifts as per your party theme are in demand starting from Rs. 100/- onwards. If you require personalized name return gifts, you will have to shell out min Rs. 150/- per gift. Personalised photo and name gift items are also available as birthday return gift which start from Rs. 200/- A wide range of such gifts are available for your choice.

Personalized Birthday Gift

What Panchatatva offers as return gifts

Panchatatva are manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers of unique birthday return gift clocks and photo frames with different kiddies themes. The themes are like, circus, cartoon characters, animals and jungle theme, aquatic fish theme, Fairy and princess theme, school related theme, Smiley, flowers and butterflies and much more. Each gift piece is designed in house by the Panchatatva team. We make customized photo clocks with individual photos of each child along with their name and a personalized message. Personalised photo frames too can be made as return gifts. The photo can be changeable or it can a collage of pictures with the name of the receiver. We take special attention on the quality of our product. Each piece is handmade and checked thoroughly before individual packing. We offer personalised name tags to be put on the gift wrap to enhance the product further and make it even more special.