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Of all the gifts that you can give someone, the most precious is that of time. Time never stands still and therefore, what better than an attractively designed clock that reminds the receiver of your sentiments every time they look at it?

Custom Wall Clocks

At Panchatatva, Mumbai we have gained an artistic mastery over tome with our exquisite range of wall clocks, time tellers, time pieces, table top clocks and more. Time tellers are available in very unique and different designs. Some with Religious motifs, terracotta figures, motivational messages, slogans, happy face masks, etc are unique ways to make creative time tellers. What's more, we can provide customised wall clocks as gifts too.

Abstract Rustic Wood Clocks

Time tellers are available in different forms : wall clocks, table tops, wooden ones, for Kids room, designer clocks, abstract rustic wood clocks, some with paintings, with photo frames, clocks with a mural, etc. You can apply your own creativity and design a unique time piece to give your loved ones.

Corporate gift Clocks

These also make an exquisite corporate gift Clock with the company logo printed or etched onto it.

Contemporary Personalised Clocks

Customised designs can be made as per specific requirements. For example, for the kitchen, it can be made with some kitchen related motifs like pots, pans, spoons etc and a slogan. For the office, it can have motivational quotes which are success or business related. Motifs like a ladder, antique coins etc can be incorporated in it. Customised Clocks for the children's room can be colourful and have bright, happy faces or pictures on it. They can even have motifs of books, pencils and other kid's related objects on it. It can even be personalised with individual names in colourful cut letters. Motivational sayings also can be used to make a beautiful kid's room time teller. For people with a religious bent, clocks with religious motifs like "Aum" or "Ganesha" can be made. Abstract time tellers with contemporary objects and motifs can be made for the drawing room a home. Rustic ones can be made in sleeper wood or teak wood. They can also be combined with a photo frame or key pegs for dual purpose and space saving purpose. Time pieces can also be made incorporating paintings to achieve a unique look.

Children Kids Clock