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Corporate Gifts

What are Corporate Gifts?

These are gift items that are given to valued clients and employees of the company. They remind the clients of how thankful the company is for their continued trust and consistent business. These gifts also allow companies to welcome new clients and impress potential clients.

In the present business scenario, this plays an important role in influencing the performance of the company, which reap abundant benefits.

Corporate gifts can be anything from a pen, mobile stands, clock, pen stand, office stationary, calendar, or any other gift, which may be helpful to meet required marketing targets.

Corporate Gifts

What is the need to distribute these gifts?

Giving gifts is a very old tradition. These are given to remind the clients about the quality, magnanimity and services of the company. They give an extra advantage in this competitive market and help increase the worth and value of the company. The expenditure made on these corporate gifts is sure to return back with rewarding results in the form of future generated business.

Whom are these gifts given to?

Large Corporates in Mumbai distribute these gifts to their clients, colleagues and business associates. However small business firms not only distribute these to their clients and business associates, but also to friends and close relatives.

Business & Employee Gifts

Who should you give these gifts?

Small, medium and large companies in Mumbai distribute corporate gifts to their clients and business associates. However it has become more of a tradition to distribute these items for small business firms also. Corporate gifting holds a major stake in marketing and advertising strategies for the companies.

When are these given?

Diwali, Christmas and New Year are the main occasions in Mumbai - India, where companies distribute gift items. It may be on either both occasions or anyone of them. Earlier companies in Mumbai preferred to send gifts in which they could have dry fruits and Indian sweets placed, as it is considered auspicious. Nowadays companies in Mumbai prefer utility gifts such as desk sets, pen stands, visiting card holders, table clocks, etc. which can be kept on the table, with the company logo imprinted on it.

Unique Corporate gift desktop clocks

Types of corporate gifts

It could be anything from a pen, pen stands, customised table clocks, visiting card holders, gift boxes, key holders, name placards for desk, desk set items. These items are generally imprinted with the company name and company logo as a form of advertisement.

Price range of these products

Since companies in Mumbai order corporate gifts in quantities of thousands, they generally prefer to keep the price range of these gifts to be in a few hundreds Indian rupees and many a times even lesser than that. It also depends on the profile of the company and the quantum of gifts to be distributed to their clients and business associates.

Wood Corporate gift items

Presentation of Corporate gift items

Presentation plays an important role in corporate gifting. Corporate companies pay a lot of attention on the packaging and presentation of their corporate gifts. Companies in Mumbai prefer gifts to be packed in individual boxes and wrapped with colourful gift paper. Companies, who realise the benefits of good presentation of these gift items, do not hesitate to spend a little extra on packaging. Packaging of these should be done keeping in mind the corporate identity of the company. Good presentation of always creates an impact on its recipient and acts as a catalyst to generate future business.

Customised Corporate gifts

In today's competitive market, every company desires to create a good brand name for itself. The company wants to attract a large number of clients and enhance its worth by providing unique and extraordinary gift items in the form of these gifts. These are often customised with the company logo that helps companies to discreetly stay in the consciousness of target audience. It also helps to gain attention and increase brand awareness, brand recognition and brand building. Hence, these customised corporate gifts serve as essential tools for marketing and advertising. Many Indian companies also customise them by imprinting promotional or motivational messages on these special gift items.

Personalised Customised Corporate Gifts

Benefits of these gifts?

They generate name recognition, help in brand building and create customer goodwill. It also strengthens the customer base. These products help increase business. Corporate gifting for small and large companies helps to maintain older clients and indirectly attract and build new potential clients. They increase response rate, encourage repeat business, improves existing business and creates brand awareness for the company.