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Customised Gifts

What are Customised Gifts?

Customised gifts are tailor made to suit individual requirements. Every individual prefers to give a unique and customized gift according to his or her specification. This is specially done when the receiver is someone very important or special like a clse relative, friend or a big customer. A custom made gift is the best option for gifting such persons. Corporate gifts can also be made to order or customised. Customized corporate gifts are the best option for corporate companies who want to give their associates some thing exclusive and different.

Customised Corporate Gifts

Why are these given?

Gifting customized gifts has an edge over other choices. They are very unique and exclusive and created specially for the receiver. Secondly, they can be made as per your budget also. Off the shelf gifts are not taken seriously, as everyone wants to receive a gift that is unique and not seen before. For corporates, corporate gifting is a way of advertising their product or service. Companies like to gift their clients and associates customised corporate gifts which are different and unusual. Custom made corporate gifts thus help build the brand image of a company in this way.

Unique Custom Gifts

Whom are these gifts given to?

A customized gift can be given to anyone but generally to those who matter. You can give customised gifts to friends, relatives, business associates, colleagues, teachers, doctors or those who are special to you. Custom made items to valued and loyal clients, customers, business associates and employees. They also gift on product launches and conferences and seminars, where they launch or promote their products or services.

When are these gifts given?

Customised gifts can be given on any special occasion. You can customize these for giving as wedding return gifts. You can even gift these as return gifts for birthday parties. Custom made gift items can also be given as Diwali gifts, New Year gifts or on house warming parties. You can even give them on special occasions and days like Teachers Day, Doctors Day, Fathers Day, Mother's Day and so on.

Custom Doctors Gifts

Types of Custom made gift items

A Custom made Gift items can range from utility items like a watch, bag, shoes, clothes, pen, photo frame, Diary, Mobile stand, Visiting card holder, Office stationary to something artistic like a Wall mural, Wall placard, Wall Slogans, Desktop gifts, Picture frames, Wall murals, personalised name plates, God idols, etc.

Customized Gift Clocks

Price range of Customized gifts

A Customized Gift can be simple and inexpensive, yet extraordinarily different and exquisite, depending on your budget. If you are making something as per order, you can add or subtract elements from the gift to suit your requirement.

Presentation of these gifts

Presentation of Customised gifts plays an important role in gifting. If you choose a customized gift, it makes sense to package and present it in an attractive fashion as well. This would double the joy of the receiver. You can be innovative in the packaging and try new materials like handmade paper, jute, satin cloth, cane or anything similar to look different. Packaging is often embellished with ornamentation like ribbons, bells, trinkets, small hand made cards and similar accessories.

Customised Handmade Gifts

Customised Name Plates

Customised nameplate are name plates that are 'made to order' either for personal use or for gifting. For example, a company may get customised name plates made for gifting their premium customers or associates or for conferences or to display in office premises. These name plates can be made with or without the company logo on it. Custom made nameplates can be made for individual use too. Like for home or office use, or for a business premises. A customized nameplate is made according to the client's specifications and requirement. A customized name plate can be made in any colour, design or font according to individual needs.