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Door Nameplates

Types of Nameplates

Name plates are categorised into the following types depending on the place and the purpose they are put for. Door nameplates are put on the doors of a residence or an apartment. Wall name plates are put on the side wall of a flat in a building. Office nameplates are put outside the office on the door or on the side wall with the company name, logo and postal address. Commercial name boards are exterior water proof name signages, put outside commercial establishments like a retail shop, showroom, hotel and restaurant. It is generally put above the main entrance of the premises. Desk name plates are put on the table of senior officials of the company. Bungalow nameplates are exterior name plates put outside the main gate of a bungalow. One has to take care that the name plate has to be weather-proof and water proof for protection against rains and direct sunlight.

Door Nameplates

Materials used for making door name plates

One has to be perfect in choosing the material for a door name plate. During the day, doors are opened several times; hence the name plate has to be very light and sturdy, for it to sustain the jerks of the doors. Name plates made out of acrylic, steel plates and wood are preferred the most as they are small and goes well with your door design. Other name plates made out of stone, terra cotta, tiles and glass are not preferred as they have the risk of breakage.

Door Name Plate

How choose the right name plate for your door.

The name plate is your first impression to any visitor visiting your house. It has to be attractive and the name written on it should be easily readable. A contrast between the door colour and the name plate background is the first important thing in choosing the right name plate. Further a contrast between the name plate background and font color is also very crucial. This would not only shift the focus to the name plate but will also give a positive feeling to the door. However if the door is pre-laminated with designer veneer, it is advisable to put simple and elegant name plate on the door. If your door is polished with plain and simple wooden finish, you may choose to put an attractive ethnic name plate with elements such as coconut shells, natural twigs, bells and ghungroos.

Wood Nameplate

What is the average size of a door nameplate?

The average size of a door name plate is 12 inches x 4 inches. However one may choose a bigger name plate depending on the number of names and alphabets desired on the nameplate and the size of the wall or door. It is not advised to have bigger name plates on small doors, as it may disturb the show of the door and may look too cluttered. However font size of the name may be reduced to fit in more alphabets if required. If your wall or door is large, then you may put a bold and big name plate to attract attention and enhance the beauty of your entrance. Size of the name plate is very important in creating a good and pleasant impact.

Name Plate Idea

What is the price range of door name plate?

Door name plates range from a few hundreds to a few thousands depending on the size, material used, no. of alphabets inscribed. Since name plate is very much a customized item, depending on your budget, you may decide to customize the design as per your requirement. We suggest not to compromise on the design of the name plate at it is the first impression of your home to the guest visiting you for the first time.

Unique Name Plates

Our range of door nameplates

Panchatatva are manufacturers of unique and exclusive door nameplates and door plaques. We have a variety of name plates made out of sleeper wood, teak wood, mdf wood. We use a combination of brass accessories, natural items like bamboo, coconut shells and twigs to make door nameplates. Our name plates are made of 8mm thick wooden alphabets in calligraphy font. Our customized and personalized name plates are highly in demand as we cater to our customerís requirement and design a name plate which compliments their interiors and decor. The quality of our name plates is unmatched in terms of polish, finish and design. They are a class apart. Each name plate design is unique and hand crafted by the team at Panchatatva. A Panchatatva nameplate will definitely enhance the looks of your entrance and definitely create a very good first impression on your visitors.