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Gift for Employees

What are gifts for employees and when are they given?

Corporate companies generally distribute gifts to their employees on various occasions. Employee Gifts are gifts given as incentive or token of appreciation to individuals or a team working for a company. When an employee achieves the desired target for the company, he or she is given a gift to motivate and to perform even better in the future. Some companies also give gifts to their company employees on special days like birthdays, festivals like Diwali, Dussera, and New Year. Some corporate companies also give gifts to their staff or employees for performing extraordinarily well in a particular program or assignment. This could also be to boost the moral of the employee. If the company shows remarkable growth due to the hard work of its team, the employees are given gifts as a gesture of appreciation. A gift given to an employee for his hard work is like giving him a pat on his back....and a way of saying, "Keep it up". Some corporate companies also give employee gifts on the occasion of company's anniversary.

Gift for Employees

What are types of employee gifts available in the market?

There are various employee gift ideas available for corporate business companies to gift to their employees. Generally companies prefer giving a utility item with their company logo branding as a gift. If the budget is really low corporate companies give mundane gifts like caps, bags, wrist watches, lunch boxes, T shirts, mugs, pens sets, key holders, desk organisers, etc. Multi-national companies generally give gifts like mobiles, perfumes, clocks, I-pod, I-pads, laptops too. The type of gift given to the employee depends upon the budget of the company and the performance of the employee.

Employees Gift

Why are gifts given to employees?

The people who work for a company need to feel a part of it. The company should function as a team, a family who is jointly working for the progress of all. To make this happen, the employer gives its members of the company periodical motivations which could be in the form of gifts, increments or incentives. Gifts are generally a way of giving encouragement and a token of appreciation. The employee feels important and the bond between the two increases. They are thus motivated to give their best for the betterment of the company. They work harder and give their best to get more business and take the company further towards and increasing success. If an employee receives a gift on his birthday, he feels really special and important.

Employee gift ideas

Panchatatva - Employee gift ideas and Gifts for employees?

Panchatatva offers a variety of unique and exclusive Employee gift ideas. These include desktop clocks, pen stands, wall clocks, personalised name plates, murals with motivational slogans, photo frames, key holders, table lamps, etc.

Panchatatva has created a wall clock with the slogan, “Do it, Move it, Make it happen” for a corporate company who wanted to motivate its staff and workers to achieve a particular target. A coconut shell clock was once given by a corporate company to its staff members as gifts with a message saying “Thank you for working round the clock to make it happen”. An Upward pointing arrow clock with the message, “Think big” was made for an MNCS in Bangalore, to give to its employees a motivation to grow and move ahead. A photo frame with the message “You've made us proud” was made for an advertising company in Delhi to give to its employees who had achieved remarkable milestones for the company. “Together we can do wonders” was a slogan created for a firm in Chennai. This slogan was incorporated on a pen stand.

Ideas for Employee Gifts

Personalised Employee gift ideas

A personalised gift is something every individual would love to receive. It's a way to make an individual feel really special and important. Some companies give personalised gifts to their employees on their birthdays, and special occasions. A gift with the name of the employee, etched or printed on it, makes the employee feel proud to receive the gift. Panchatatva are manufacturers of personalised gifts for the employees. These include exclusive wall clocks, desktop sets, pen stands, table clocks, visiting card holders, motivational slogans, murals, tea coasters, name plates, and much more...Each piece is unique and has a utility value. Each item can be personalized with the name of the employee, his designation and also a small message or slogan. If the team has performed well, or achieved a target, then a personalised gift for each of them, with the team mantra can be presented to them.

Personalised gift for Employee

Customised gifts for the employees

Panchatatva offers a variety of gifts that can be customized for the company employees. The company logo too can be incorporated in the product. Panchatatva can create an entirely new employee present as per requirement keeping in mind the theme or the task accomplished.

Customised Employee Gifts

Price range of these gifts

Gifts for employees are available in all ranges in the market starting from Rs 50/- onwards. Panchatatva offers exclusive handmade unique gift for employees starting from Rs. 500/- onwards.