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Housewarming Gifts

What is a housewarming ceremony?

House warming ceremony also known as griha pravesh is a ritual performed on the first day of ones entry into a new home or premises. Itís a ceremony, a pooja to drive away any negative energy from the place and invite positivity into the home. People have such a ceremony for their offices too. It is generally done to bring good luck and fortune to the residents of the place. The ceremony is followed by a feast for close family members and friends. People bring housewarming gifts and give blessings to the occupants of the premises on this auspicious day.

Housewarming Gifts

What does one give as a House warming gift?

People prefer to give idols of Gods as house warming gifts, as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. A name plate is also a unique gift that can be given as a house warming gift. If you are familiar with the decor or interiors of the home then you can select the name plate accordingly. Some interior decor items like a wall clock or a photo frame too can be given as the gift for a house warming ceremony. Some people also prefer to give gifts like bed sheets sets, flower vases, kitchen appliances too as house warming gifts. If the house is big, like a bungalow, one can even think of giving something very unusual and creative like a designer rocking chair or a hammock. You can even give some thing like a wind chime or bamboo plants, or very unique pot planters too.

Griha Pravesh Gifts

Importance of giving Ganesha as griha pravesh gift

Generally people give Ganesha idols as a griha pravesh gift, an auspicious gift for an auspicious beginning. As Ganeshas come in many forms and shapes, people prefer to give them as gifts on this occasion. Lord Ganesha is always worshipped first when beginning any new venture. He is supposed to be the remover of all obstacles and the giver of good luck and prosperity. Therefore people love to receive them as gifts, be it any occasion. Now a day Ganeshas or Ganpati idols are available in abstract shapes and forms in so many different materials you canít even dream of.

New House Gift

Personalised new house gift

Now a dayís people are tired of giving and receiving mundane run of the mill gifts and presents. Everyone wants to give something that is unique as well as has some utility and is within their budget. A Personalised name plate is one such gift that would be very exclusive and very mush appreciated by the receiver. If the name plate matches with their decor, it would be highly appreciated. One can give personalized photo collages too, with pictures of the family with some unique captions, this could be a very special gift, people would love to receive. Photo collage quilts too can be made to order to give as a gift for this occasion. You can even give a door signage for the kidís room, a personalized name plaque with the name of the child on it.

Ganesha Housewarming Gift

What is the price range of these gifts?

Griha pravesh or housewarming gifts can be given as per your budget. A simple Ganesha would be very cost effective whereas a designer wall clock or a furniture item could be really costly. One can give something that suits ones pocket, and would be appreciated by the receiver. After all the price doesnít matter, itís the feeling and the emotion that counts.

House Warming Gifts

Panchatatva housewarming gifts

Panchatatva are manufacturers and suppliers of exclusive and unique house warming gift items. Our range include huge wall clocks, jumbo sized paintings, personalised name plates, ganapati wall hangings, aum wall art for the temple, kids room decorative wall hangings, couple photo frames, kitchen and moms cafe wall art, dads bar wall hanging and abstract decorative interior artworks. You may choose to customize all these items as per your requirement.