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Lantern Lamp Lights

What is the essence of table lamp?

Let there be light! May the light win over darkness. A Table lamp is a good way to add positive energy to your home or interiors. The lamp light creates a cheerful environment and brightens up the room. Table lamp shades, wall lamps and floor lamps are a good way to illuminate any home or workplace. A lantern lamp light once lit creates a beautiful ambience around itself.

Lantern Lamp Light

What is lantern lamp made up of?

Lamps and lamp shades are made from a variety of materials. Lamp shades are generally made from transparent or translucent materials like glass or frosted glass. Use of cane, wood, bamboo, fibre, ceramic in making base of these exclusive and creative lamps is most popular. One can also get terra cotta lamps of different shapes and colors. Cane lamps are almost the top picks. Handmade paper lamps and eco-friendly lantern lamps are becoming more popular these days. Now a days crystal lamps lights too are available in the markets. Panchatatva has launched a totally new range of rustic, ethnic and eco-friendly table lamps and floor lamps, which are never seen before. These lantern lamp shades are made up of terra cotta pots, bamboo, teak wood, wooden cross cuts, twine, pine wood, neem wood, copper bells, coconut shells and lots of creativity. This collection is especially handmade and hand crafted to offer our clients something really special and exciting.

Table Lamp

Lamps for gifting

Gifting has always been a big industry all across the globe. Gifting a unique and exclusive gift is always appreciated by the receiver. Floor and Table Lamp Shade make a unique gift for someone who is moving in a new house. Generally people gift very mundane gifts for the house warming occasion. An exclusive lantern lamp light like these would be an ideal house warming gift, something the receiver would definitely cherish and appreciate. Table Lamps can also be gifted as wedding gifts. Wall lamps can be given for anniversary gifts too. A customized and personalised lamp light can be an ideal birthday gift for a near and dear one who is close to you.

Lamp Lights

Lamps for interior decoration

Table lamps add a bright and lively look to any interiors. Hence an ideal lamp light to suit your decor would enhance your interiors. If your color scheme is bright, then a subtle looking lamp to contrast the overall look is suggested. If the interior is ethnic, a wood lamp or a terra cotta lamp would be the ideal choice. For a small and cozy area where a lot of furniture is placed, a small sleek wall lamp would look great. If your home decor is simple and humble, then you can add a bright striking lamp that can be the highlight of your room. Table Lantern lamps and wall lamp lights are a must to add life to any home.

Lantern Lights

Lamps in commercial premises

Murals, Artifacts, Statues and Lamp shade have always been a part of Restaurants and Hotels. These lamp lights look great in restaurants, Hotel lobbies, cafe, and waiting room of clinics, clubs, discotheque, Spa massage centers and parlors. They brighten up the interiors and add life to the ambience. Depending on the decor, the lamp can be selected and placed. Now a days, lamp are created using very ordinary things like bottles, coffee mugs, buckets, scrap metal, paper mache, decoupage newspaper and imaginations. Let your creativity decide what lamp suits your decor. Spa Massage centers is the ideal place to keep table lamp lights. Each room can have a small lamp that gives light in a subtle way to add to the relaxing mood and ambience. Lamp shades are available in a variety of materials, like cane, handmade paper, cloth, jute etc. Lantern lights look great outdoors. Especially in a garden area, lawns of a hotel or an eating joint.

Wall Lamps and Floor Lamp

Customized table lamps

Panchatatva manufactures a wide range of customised table lamp shades in natural materials. These lamps can be customized as per order. One can order a particular design to be made in a specific color or size depending on their requirement. Panchatatva can even design lampshades as per specification. Colors, style, shape, size can be modified to suit your interiors.

Customised Lamps and Personalized Lantern Lamp

Personalised lamps

Panchatatva specializes in personalized gifts to which lamps are the latest addition. Personalised lamp lights make a great gift for any occasion. One can give a personalised table lamp shade as a wedding gift or as an anniversary gift to a couple. A lantern light can also be given as a birthday present with the name of the receiver. Panchatatva also has some unique photo frame lamp lights which can be personalised too as per requirement. A personalised gift, especially a lamp would definitely add a sparkle to your loved ones eyes.

Corporate Gift Lantern Lamp and Employees Gift Lamps

Lamps as Corporate gifts

Have you ever seen a table lamp with company logo branding on it? Yes, we make table lamps for corporate gift purpose. These exclusive corporate gift lantern lamps can be gifted to your employees also. These employee gift lamps are always appreciated by the employees of the company. We also customise these lamps in different colors as per the corporate identity of the company. Lamps are ideal gifts to gift to senior personnel of the companies like managing director, CEO, COO, Country heads, Managers, President, Vice-President and General Managers.