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Name Plates

What is a nameplate?

A name plate displays and identifies a person or product's name. These are usually made of wood, glass, ceramic, plastic or metal. It is either for a residential property or a commercial premise. The primary purpose of a residential nameplate is to identify the name of the owner or of the house / bungalow or a business firm.

They are also used for personal reasons. Parents often like to adorn the doors of their children's rooms with bright coloured name plates with the names of their children crafted on them. It plays an important part in adding to contemporary home décor as it reflects your personality and attitude. Artistic, unconventional nameplates make your name stand out. Designer plates are now becoming style statements and act as hallmarks of a well-decorated home. It thus reflects one's personality and individuality.

Name Plates

Types of name plates

There are different types of nameplates depending on the application areas. They are corporate, residential, industrial name boards, outdoor name boards, signages, desk plates, plaques, and placards.

What is the difference between a nameplate and a name board?

A name plate is generally used for residential use and put outside the house near the main door or gate. A nameplate can also be put outside an office or a commercial property entrance. On the other hand, a name board is used for commercial purposes to display the name of a company, office or a firm. A board is generally mounted outdoors. A board is relatively very big in size, as it has to be visible from a distance.

Customised nameplate

Apart from the wide variety of name plates that we offer, we also make these as per your requirement. These are made from wood and glass with terracotta figurines, bamboo, wood cutouts, hand cut calligraphy letters, different natural textures, coconut shells, acrylic colours, coir and brass accessories like bells and ghungroos. You can mix and match the raw materials, to make our nameplates to create your own unique nameplate with any personalisation required - from fonts, material, colour to embellishments as per your choice.

Unique Calligraphy Wood Nameplates

What makes them unique?

The Panchatatva collection is very exclusive. Our nameplates are not contemporary yet traditional. Today they have become a key part of modern home decor. Various Design forms are used in creating these. Hand written calligraphic fonts made by in-house designers are used to make these exclusive alongwith the use of materials like natural textured wood, railway sleeper wood, bamboo, coir, terracotta, coconut shells, glass, MDF, Jute and brass accessories. Every time new designs are added to our existing rage to give our customers something new to display outside their homes.

Materials we use to make these?

For various types, different materials are used. Materials like wood, glass, terracotta clay figurines and pots, bamboo, banana fiber, coconut shells, coir, brass accessories are used in manufacturing of name plates. Selection of wood depends on the application area of the name plate. For example, if it is hung in the exteriors, water proof wood is selected as it is exposed to direct rains and extreme climate. Seasoned wood such as Teak Wood, Babool wood, Railway Sleeper wood are used for manufacturing exterior name plates. However low budget interior residential name plates, woods such as commercial MDF (Medium density Fiber), Commercial Plywood, Veneer, Pine wood is used. Letters in the name plate are cut in MDF wood.

Terracotta pots Bamboo Banana Coconut Name Plates

Font we use in our designs

We have designed a custom-made calligraphy font that is used exclusively for our name plate designs. This font is used in all the nameplates manufacture by us and thus makes our name plate different from others. However, we can use any other font as desired by our customers upon request.

How big are the letters - Residential ones?

The average height of the letters for all residential designs is 2 inches. However, depending on the size of the name plate required, we can increase or decrease the size of the letters accordingly.

What is the average thickness of the name plate - Residential ones?

The average thickness of most residential designs is 2 inches. However, since natural wood is used in many of the designs, the thickness of these varies accordingly.

Rustic Ethnic Wood Nameplate

Provisions to hang them

We provide two hooks at the back of our rustic ethnic nameplates. It can be easily hung on two screws. However due to security purposes, it can also be screwed directly to the wall / door.

Where can you hang them?

Our residential designs can be easily hung either on doors put outside the house near the main door or gate, to display the name of the owner or the name of the house / bungalow or on the wall directly. It can also be put outside an office or a commercial property entrance.

Time required in making a nameplate

The time required to make them depends on the design and its complexity. It also depends on the type of customisation or ornamentation required by the client.

Exterior Waterproof Brass Name Plates

Are these water proof?

All our residential designs are indoor name plates made out of commercial wood and are not water proof. However, we also make water proof ones as desired and are charged extra for waterproof wood.

Durability of these plates

Our residential indoor designs are made of commercial MDF wood, natural wood, acrylic paints, terracotta figurines and pots, and brass accessories. These name plates can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth.