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Personalised Gifts

What are Personalised Gifts?

Personalised gifts are the order of the day today as more and more people are coming out to express their individuality. Today, every individual prefers to gift or receive a gift that is personalized according to individual likes and taste. Such people do not like commonly given gifts, but rather like to design or modify a gift according to the receiver's choice. Gifting these helps create a special bond between the giver and the recipient.

Personalised Gifts

Why are these given?

Receiving a gift that is specially made brings a smile to the face and also show how much the person cares for him or her.

Personalized gift may generally be given to close friends, relatives or someone special, but sometimes even corporates or businesses like to give their important associates or employees as way of expressing their feelings towards them.

Personalized Gifts

Whom are these given to?

Anyone can give these gifts to anyone they want to. Personalized gifts are given to those who are very close and special - one's father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, best friend, favorite teacher, favorite colleague, your boss. or anyone you is important to you. It is just a way of making them feel, you care ! You can even gift personalised gifts to a new born baby.

When are these gifts given?

One generally gifts them on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. One can even send personalised gifts on festivals or special occasions like Diwali, Christmas or New Year or on special days like Valentine's Day, Teacher's Day, or Doctor's Day etc.

Personalised Diwali Gifts

Types of these gifts

Personalised gifts can be anything from - a watch, bag, shoes, clothes, pen, photo frame, Diary, Mobile stand, Visiting card holder, Office stationary to something creative and artistic like Wall murals, Wall placard, Wall Slogans, Desktop gifts, Picture frames, Wall murals, personalised name plates, idols, etc.

Price range of these gift items

One can give a personalized gift of any price range depending on the budget. But a personalized gift need not be expensive, it just has to be different, unique and made to the liking of the receiver.

Personalised Gift Items

Presentation of these gifts

These are chosen for their personal appeal, naturally they must be wrapped and presented in a similar way. As you have taken great pains to get a unique gift for the special one, make a little extra effort to present the gift in a special way too. This would double the joy of the receiver. You can use different materials like, handmade paper, jute, satin cloth, cane baskets, or anything you think would be different. You can also add accessories like colourful ribbons, bells, trinkets, hand made cards, etc to give it the special look.

Personalized Gift Ideas

You do not need a special occasion to gift someone. In fact, every moment of life should be a celebration. And a personalized gift always brings a smile on someone's face. So give a personalised gift to someone special and think of a reason later.

Unique Personalised Gift Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas from Panchatatva

Here are a few ideas for personalized gifts from Panchatatva:

If your special one is a house wife, gift her something that she can put up in her house, a home décor product or something for her own kingdom - the kitchen - a customized slogan or a kitchen clock with a message would do great ! A clock, photo frame or a mural with a message could also be a unique gift.

If your special one is a a man, you can gift a desktop item like a table clock, a table frame or a pen stand with a motivational quote for his office table. So, that your memories stay with him forever.

If the recipient is a child, gift something like a personalized nameplate for his or her room. You can even gift a kid's room clock or a study room mural with positive slogans. For anniversaries, you can gift a personalised nameplate made for the couple or a picture frame with their names etched.

For a wedding gift, you can gift the newly weds - a unique mural with a love message, personalised with their names. You could even gift a wooden name plate with their names on it. So try gifting something different to our loved ones, something that they will cherish forever. a personalised gift!