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Photo Frames

Some moments in life are special and to help keep them that way, Panchtatva brings you a wide selection of creative designed and imaginatively crafted photo frames in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms.

Ethnic Contemporary Photo Frames

Bring alive cherished moments with our unique picture frames that range from the rustic, ethnic, contemporary, table mounted, wall mounted, designer frames to photo frames with clocks and photo frames with key pegs etc. You can apply your own creativity and design a unique gift to give your loved ones.

Wedding Anniversary Photo Frame

A photoframe is an ideal gift for many occasions. For example you can gift a couple picture frame on the event on a wedding anniversary or a wedding/ engagement ceremony. You can gift children a photo frame on a kid's birthday. A frame with motivational or a success message can be given when a child has excelled in school. You can even gift unique and exclusive photo frames for a house warming ceremony. They are excellent wedding return gifts too. You can also put in the photo before gifting it to the receiver. This makes the gift more personalised. Photoframes also work as ideal birthday return gifts with the names of the children written on each piece.

Artistic Picture Frames

As each picture is unique and has a whole lot to say.therefore the frame too should compliment the photograph. It must complement the interiors of the home or office as well. If the décor of the house is rustic, we offer a rustic photo frame and for contemporary décor, there is a wide choice of artistic, elegant and extravagant patterns and themes. Colours also play an important part in this. Picture frames for a drawing room should be more subtle and simple in design and colour scheme. For a Kid's room, the colours can be more brilliant and loud to create a bright and happy ambiance. For a bedroom, they can have motifs of a couple, or beautiful words on 'togetherness'. Add a touch of individuality to your home with exclusive and never seen before photo frames, while making a lasting impression on others.

Children Kids Photo Frame

Customised and Personalised photo frames are an excellent gift - as everyone loves to keep good memories alive for ever. One can accentuate this further by including motifs like happy faces on the frame to add a touch of joy to the gift.

Customised Personalised Photo Frame