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Promotional Gifts

What are Promotional Gifts?

Promotional gifts are a popular and timeless way of taking one's corporate or brand image to the next level. These combine soft sell with actually passing on to the customer a useful way to remember them by. Companies have a tendency to offer such gifts as part of sales promotions or bundled with any offer or scheme linked to sales. These allow the companies to welcome new clients and impress potential clients.

These gifts can be anything from a pen, key chains, mobile stands, clock, pen stand, office stationary, caps, calendar, or any other gift, which may be helpful to meet required marketing targets. With the company or product / brand logo and catch line printed thereon, these gifts are the best source of advertising and brand-building for the company.

Promotional Gifts

Why are these Distributed?

For companies or individuals who are keen to promote their brand, corporate identity and business, promotional gifts are the best way to make a lasting statement. Secondly, these gifts can be given for any reason - as awards, as a token of thanks or birthday gifts, or on important festivals. They give an extra advantage in a competitive scenario and help increase business prospects. These gifts usually have logo and/or tagline for increasing the brand awareness and serve as an all-round reminder media for the company and its products.

Who should give these gifts?

Small, medium and large corporate companies in Mumbai distribute these to clients and business associates. It has also become popular amongst individuals, professionals and small traders to distribute these gifts. Promotional gifting is often resorted to when launching a new product in the market. They are now becoming a vital part of any campaign in all types of businesses.

Promotional Gifts in Mumbai

Whom are these given to?

They are often distributed to clients, customers and business associates. They are given to executives, employees, staff and workers as a commemorative gesture or to thank them for their support and loyalty.

When are these given?

One doesn't need a reason for gifting if one must promote your company, business or products. They can be given on any occasion. They are generally given on product launches and to promote sales. They can also be given on specific invents of the company.

Unique Promotional Gift Clocks

Types of these gifts

Anything or everything can be a promotional gift. Some popular choices are : pens, pen stands, customised table clocks, caps, photo frames, visiting card holders, gift boxes, key holders, name placards for desk, desk set items and so on. All these are imprinted with company/brand name and logo.

Price range of these gifts

Promotional items are important part of advertising. Every company has a planned budget for such activities and based upon that, they decide upon unique gifts for their clients and associates. A planned budget, a right gift and the target market can make the business reach new heights.

Promotional Corporate Gifts

Presentation of these gifts

Presentation plays an important role in gifting. Clients prefer gifts to be packed in individual boxes and wrapped with colourful gift paper. Corporates who realise the benefits of good presentation, do not hesitate to spend a little extra on packaging. Packaging of these gifts should be done keeping in mind the corporate identity and image of the company. Good presentation of these always creates an impact on the receiver and serves as a catalyst for future business.

Customised promotional gifts

In today's competitive market, every corporate desires to build a brand name for itself. The company wants to attract a large number of clients and enhance its worth by providing unique and extraordinary gift items in the form of these gifts. These are often customised with the company logo that helps companies establish their identity in the client's subconscious. Many corporates also customise these by imprinting motivational messages on the gift items Such gifts also help gain and retain attention, increase brand awareness, brand recognition and brand building.

Customised Business Gifts

Benefits of these gifts?

These gifts directly help in brand building and building customer goodwill. They help strengthen the customer base and help increase the business. They helps corporates to maintain past clients, while simultaneously building new and potential clients. They increase response rates, encourage repeat business, improve existing business and create brand awareness for the company. In this modern business scenario, business gifts hold key position in influencing customers.